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Best Trick Summer 2021 Presented by Cannadips


What are Cannadips?

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. and Cannadips CBD Announce Definitive Technology  Licensing agreement for CBD Oral Pouch & Dip Category


We’re on a mission to make a great-tasting, superior alternative to traditional dip using CBD in a way that is radical, enjoyable and effective while also being tobacco and nicotine free.  

In 2016, enjoying life in the communities in and around Humboldt County, CA, we were no strangers to the cannabis industry and our blue-collar roots made us familiar with tobacco dip. Putting cannabis in dip was a natural evolution for us — a cannabis dip. Combining the two seemed like the perfect solution for moving away from tobacco. We couldn’t believe it hadn’t been done.

It was a simple concept, but the grind to develop the product was not easy. We traveled the world, investigating all available technologies to allow cannabinoids to readily absorb in the mouth. We finally found a proprietary process with our partners at Lexaria Biosciences that preserves the valuable terpenes found in our American GrownHemp, as well as increases CBD bio-availability, allowing for quick absorption directly in the mouth.

Early on, we decided we wanted our product to be tobacco and nicotine free. We wanted flavors that lasted and flavors that we knew guys would appreciate. After some work, we found the right pouch material to make our pouches neat, comfortable, and to allow the CBD to move through the mesh. Our pouch material, the process we use with Lexaria, and our flavor systems make Cannadips CBD an experience that you can’t find anywhere else.

The result of our innovation journey is the next evolution of traditional dip – Cannadips CBD. We believe we also provide one of the best CBD experiences available. Cannadips CBD is not just an alternative to tobacco and nicotine. It is a whole new experience that will reframe what men expect from dip.

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