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Best Trick Contest

Presented by Neversummer


Thanks to Never Summer every month this winter we are giving away $1000 and prize pack for the Best Trick you can do anywhere you can snowboard!


Best Line Contest

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We are giving away $500 and prize pack for the Best Line you can do anywhere you can snowboard!



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USA Team Riders

Nate Haust

Team Rider // MA -> Lake Tahoe


Originally from western MA with deep roots in Vermont, Nate Haust has become a pillar in the Lake Tahoe scene. You can see him in our Black & Yellow series and all over Woodward Tahoe.


Ron Forth

Team Rider // NY -> Mammoth


From western New York, Ron has become a staple in the west coast town of Mammoth Lakes. You can see him crushing Main or South Park daily. Or stop by Wave Rave to say hi at the premier snowboard shop in town.


Justin Kipilla

Team Rider // New Jersey


Coming out of NJ Justin brings the energy to every session and is a pleasure to ride and film with!


Adam Homberg

Team Rider // Maryland


Coming out of the south atlantic, Adam has style for days and will step up to any setup. Look for him at 7 Springs and across the country filming.


Joe McEvoy

Team Rider // Pennsylvania


If he isn't snowboarding, I know he is fishing! 


Nick Fox

Ron Forth

Team Rider // MI -> West Dover, VT


Originally from Hartland, Michigain Nick can be seen crucking Carinthintha Paks with pretzels that make you hungry for more clips.

International Team

Boarders across the world that represent the feed.


Maxim Piven

Team Rider // Russia


You might see Max riding with Denis Bonus doing tecnical tricks. Watch out, Max is on the way up!


Max De Vries

Team Rider // Netherlands


A street rider and rail technician hailing from the Netherlands! Look out for Max putting out fire in the fridge and a fire street part each winter.

Stu Innes

Team Rider // UK


From the snowflex bristles of the UK to the Alps, look for Stu to be switching it up. 


Nicola Ganz

Team Rider // Italy -> Whistler BC


He says he is a pasta powered boarder... with his style & tricks maybe we should all eat more pasta! Find him in the streets or up in Whistler 

Womens Team

The Girls on the Feed that push the womens content on a daily basis!


Jaylen Hanson

Team Rider // Minnesota


An up and coming rider with better back 3s than most guys! She's been adding more and more technical tricks to her bag every day this winter! Her edits speek for themselves! Watch out, you'll be seeing more and more of her!


Crystal Legoffe

Team Rider // Whistler, CA


Im not sure if she has more style on jumps, or on rails. Watch her clips and decide for yourself. She's already got style and tricks beyond her years.


Audrey Doan

Team Rider // California


Park staff this year at Bear, Mammoth & Timberline, she's been honing her skills to be one of the best girls on hill.


Britt Horowitz

Director of  Women's Content


She comes from the Hamptons, and cut her teeth in Vermont winning rail jams all over the east coast. From Trans Am, PBRJ, Rails 2 Riches and more. She's helping us bring back events like that for all the girls and boys.


AM Team // The Youth

The young up and coming riders on the feed.

Shane Weis

Colin Frans

Audrey Doan

Queens of the Screen

Our signature series that spotlights the best womens content coming out on the feed! 



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