Team Riders

Our group of riders that represent the best of the feed.

Nate Haust

Team Rider


Originally from western MA with deep roots in Vermont, Nate Haust has become a pillar in the Lake Tahoe scene. You can see him in our Black & Yellow series and all over Woodward Tahoe.


Max De Vries

Team Rider


A street rider and rail technician hailing from the Netherlands! Look out for Max putting out fire in the fridge and a fire street part each winter.

Ron Forth

Team Rider


From western New York, Ron has become a staple in the west coast town of Mammoth Lakes. You can see him crushing Main or South Park daily. Or stop by Wave Rave to say hi at the premier snowboard shop in town.


LJ Henriquez

Team Rider


LJ is our youngest team rider out of  New Jersey. You can find him in the fridge at Big Snow or at Mountain Creek. He has aslo been getting after it in the streets!


Maxim Piven

Team Rider // Russia


Riley Johnson

Team Rider // Minnesota

If you havent seen his Hyland videos or street clips... what have you been doing. With power and finess Mids keeps your attention with technical tricks and pretzels you dont see coming!


Justin Kipilla

Team Rider // New Jersey

Coming out of NJ Justin brings the energy to every session and is a pleasure to ride and film with!



Adam Homberg

Team Rider // Maryland

Coming out of the south atlantic, Adam has style for days and will step up to any setup. Look for him at 7 Springs and across the country filming.


Stu Innes

Team Rider // UK


From the snowflex bristles of the UK to the Alps, look for Stu to be switching it up. 


Shane Weis

Team Rider // Pennsylvania

Shane has been killing it at Big Boulder for years and has been traveling more! Look for him out west this year in the parks and streets!

AM Riders

Nicola Ganz

AM Rider



Derek Huntoon

AM Rider // Michigan



Nick Lundquist

AM Rider


Devin Desean

AM Rider